1. aanniimmee:

    - From “Kodomo Keisatsu (Police Children),” directed by Yuichi Fukuda (2012)

    When I spot a fly booty

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  2. contraception:

    I’m in love

    someone please hit me up with this girl idec that her team lost

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  3. i haven’t had a cigarette in 2 1/5 weeks. It is actually making my light headed!


  4. I gained 20 followers while i was on holiday! I should not use my tumblr more often


  5. Today, I went to a store that contains all the neon raving apparel that you could ever need and there were people raving all over the place it was so beautiful it made me cry tears that spelt out 2006 Basshunter lyrics. (I’m mostly sure everyone was on molly.)


  6. Invading Europe, Later BNE. (Featuring, lame father and sister!)


  7. therailz:

    when you fuck up and realize there’s nothing you can do so you just accept it


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  8. this fuken app only leads you to a random aquarium in tokyo. I just wanted to walk places with penguins not be escorted to their prison half way around the world smh

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  9. euo:

    Be(a)cause of you
    daehyun kim

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  10. Finally made it to September 18 at North Lakes. I am now living here. If you need to contact me please send mail to the restaurant.